A revolutionary farm game with the cutest creatures you've ever seen!

Build a glorious city of your own! Produce crops, feed creatures, recycle waste and trade with other cities!


plantoid-icon PLANTOID


Our main purpose is to create a sustainable environment in our asteroid. To achieve this, we can do farming such as producing corn, potato, wheat etc. which enables us to develop our city. The city will produce waste over time and wastes will have to be recycled to produce energy. Produced energy will be used for upgrading creatures, trading and so on.

Theme: Modern farming and creature care

Core Mechanic: Farming, producing energy, collecting resources and creatures

Player Feeling: Ambition, caring, happy


  • You will have a base asteroid that they can farm, produce energy, and develop their cities.
  • The main purpose is to create a sustainable city with producing crops and recycling outcoming wastes to create energy.
  • You can generate energy from:

Recyclable Wastes: They will be collected from the wastes of the city.

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