About Us

Makemake is a creative game studio based in Istanbul that enjoys creating Technology Products since 2016. We are inspired by how people love individual things! 

Makemake is a creative game-making studio publishing global games. There are lots of game and studio projects that Makemake does. With the team of experts, Makemake creates lots of interesting projects and creates value. Makemake has partners from the globe and with its partners and associations, casual and hyper-casual games reach a great value for users. Expertness is one of our values, therefore games the fun and playful and the user enjoys playing many of our games. Games are not the only assets of Makemake studio. There are also films that are rewarded by valuable authorities and masters in their area. Therefore as a creative studio, we are proud of our outcomes and solutions for our partners. Everything is not mobile games or film or other creative materials. We are doing our job with passion and try to serve the best experience for users and their daily lives. With the coming experience of 6 years in the creative studio. We are proud that our partners and our studio weekly and monthly serve the best material on the globe. What makes us considered a creative studio? Our human source is selected with mastership to elect and create the most value for users. With experience and methodologies of many projects and with the selected human source, we are humble and proud that our partners and users select us for many years

Our Mission

Uniting great art assets with high technology engines such as Unreal Engine and Unity.

Our Vission

Creating a productive work culture in the professional pipeline with talented artists, developers, and designers for the game ecosystem. 

Our Charter

Professional business partners of Makemake work together to build a big production house on a giant scale.