Hyper Casual

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Hyper casual games are easy-to-play game genres for users. They are generally for mobile and partly desktop. They include easy mechanics for users and there are no tutorials about it generally because their structure is easy to play. Generally, ads are used to monetize the hypercasual games and when you play our games or partner games of Voodoo, you can see the structure easily. Game mechanics and play style can change but generally hyper-casual games are easy to learn and easy to play systematically.

Hyper casual games were actually similar to atari games back in the 1970s but right now mobile hardware can carry the system needs of atari games and people can play these games everywhere. Therefore there is a good economic ecosystem for these sorts of games and when we look at google play or apple store, we can see that the download ratio is very high. Therefore hyper-casual games are trending concepts and highly playable since 2017.

Hyper casual games nearly have 4.2 Billion downloads and the numbers are growing with numbers. Half of the population plays hyper-casual games and so these are gaming. seems very popular. Because of their simplicity and minimalistic approach, hyper-casual games are easy to build and they can range in many different gaming styles. If you want to pay little attention and get some time to have fun, these types of games and especially little puzzle games and other types of 3D games are great for you and having a great time